To guarantee the safety and long life of our formwork, we make different types of metal table systems for scaffolding, available in various measurements (length and width) and fitted with skid and slip-proof surfaces. All our metal table systems are made in steel (with various nominal thicknesses), aluminium, or aluminium with multi-layer timber cladding, and they possess various specific technical characteristics to fulfil the different requirements of the modern building trade. For example, the following are available: table systems with skid-proof surface; table systems with holes for water drainage; table systems fitted with a safety locking device; table systems with galvanised plate hook connection; metal table systems with foot and head anchors with self-locking galvanised coupling; table systems with cover; table systems for steps. All our metal table systems for scaffolds and scaffolding are characterised by their high standards of safety, strength, ease and speed of mounting, dismantling and use and their long life. Our main aim is to produce metal table systems for scaffolding capable of increasing the safety of moveable scaffolding systems. In order to guarantee our clients a complete supply and excellent performances, we also provide all complementary accessories as well as the possibility of producing bespoke structures for particular and advanced site requirements. Our Group’s experience of more than forty years in the building sector and the direct management of the entire process from raw materials to storage and delivery, guarantees a high performance and top quality service with an advantageous quality/price ratio. Our Group is the answer to site requirements of every type and size: from small sites up to the largest projects, from the simplest structures to special architectural projects, our clients can find systems and solutions for all needs, with the certainty of always obtaining highly practical, versatile and absolutely safe products.


50 mm tables