We have been producing props and accessories for props for more than 40 years. Over time we have been able to make steel and aluminium props much safer and more stable in order to meet the requirements of our customers who wanted to keep pace with European safety Standards, in particular the Italian and German Standards, which are stricter than in other countries: standard steel props, lighter aluminium props, props with pipe slipping prevention, crush prevention props, fixed or adjustable props, painted or zinc plated props, cross props or props with plates which cannot break because they are not welded and which guarantee best coupling with the standards. All our props are internally certified as UE type props. They are equipped with an internal standard with tube slipping prevention. It is impossible for the props to come out and damage operators or the environment. They have holes in the last 300 mm and therefore it is impossible for the operator to fix an unsafe hook. Due to a longer length of the internal standard, these props are crash proof. Our steel and aluminium props and our props reinforced with cast-iron (with a shock-prevention divide at the base) are easily recognizable as they are marked with the relevant characteristics and loading capacity. Standard props can be with double plate, fork-type props and fixed cross props. Adjustable props may be equipped with a plate or a cross at the end and may be painted or galvanized.


Push and
pull props