Our scaffolding with prefabricated frames and with bushes or pins for the coupling of components is used especially for the construction, maintenance and restoration of linear building facades. The scaffolding with bushings and the scaffolding with pins are standard, cheap systems for construction purposes. They are easy and quick to assemble and dismantle. Due to their special pin or bushing system, the scaffolding with pins and the scaffolding with bushings, which can be hot-painted or hot-galvanized, make correct positioning of the beams and of the diagonal braces possible. Where there are specific requirements, scaffolding with pins and bushings may be integrated with tube and coupler scaffolding. This guarantees their absolute flexibility. The scaffolding can be adapted to any geometrical form due to the several types of couplers available (orthogonal, rotating, end-couplers and draw couplers). We produce all the components of the scaffolding and of the folding work platforms internally. The same applies to all the accessories which make it possible to customize scaffolding and to solve any problem at the building site by, at the same time, strictly observing all European safety standards. We support our customers during the purchasing phase of the scaffolding with our made to measure, careful engineering service in order to meet all possible requirements connected with the civil, residential, commercial or shipbuilding site. Regardless of the type of scaffolding (with pins, with bushings or tube and coupler scaffolding) several accessories are available to make it safe and to adapt it to the requirements of the building site.


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