Goffi Industries produces and sells complete equipment for the construction industry, including several standard and customized accessories in order to meet the highest requirements. We produce and sell different types of wheel barrows (standard wheel barrows, wheel barrows that can be partially dismantled and tip up wheel barrows both in steel and in tubular structure), cases for wheel barrows and wheels for wheel barrows, double adjustable trestles with fixed legs, barriers for building sites, buckets with automatic tilting, buckets with central unloading, spring rulers, scaffolding nets, hoppers and conveyors. Due to the storage capacity of our industrial plants and the dynamic logistics of Goffi Industries we are able to serve our world-wide customers quickly and effectively. We focus on safety and recommend not exceeding the maximum load as far as accessories are concerned, to follow the user instructions given by the manufacturer of strips and bands and to check their wear, not to use strips and bands if they do not have a label with information concerning the load capacity and to couple accessories only in the points specifically designed for this purpose.