A forty year-old-success built upon trust.
If you know building industry, you know Goffi Industrie Edilizia Company: since forty Years it is a benchmark in this market. From a simple carpentry specialized in wheelbarrows production, in the 1968 was borne F.lli Goffi that in 1997 become Goffi Industrie Edilizia. A Company based on innovation that, due to the historical legacy from F.lli Goffi Company, rely on achieve a relevant position on building market. A purpose that is confirmed by the increasing investments in human resources and technologies with a consequently turnover growth.

We proceeded with a success after the others.
Inside the 22.000 square meter Factory innovation is always the main features (here, first in Italy, the welding automatic system) producing wheelbarrows, scaffolding, adjustable props, trestles and many others products for building market. Quality Products always forward projected unique as our Customers.

Our job every day?
Improving yours.

In Italy and Europe we are known for our famous wheelbarrow Aurea. The real legacy of F.lli Goffi, the Aurea wheelbarrow with its updates versions is the demonstration of a superior quality and performance as all the Products of Goffi Industrie Edilizia. A sign of a forty years tradition continues to guarantee the quality of our planned choices. Everything from research, automatic production, safety on working place is oriented to improve performances and quality level of our Products and consequently of your construction site.

Safety work is a recognized value.
Before any Products gets to the market, it is rigorously tried and tested: the quality of Goffi Industrie Edilizia pass through every components according to EU certification. Scaffolding are having ministerial approval with GIE mark.